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A classroom activity for Russian 111

Example 1
Одежда = Clothes

This activity was dedicated to developing of students' oral proficiency. It was presented in a class on the 22nd of September, 2006. The activity was conducted in the context of Unit 2, which main topic was naming common objects and describing the items someone possessed.The activity was focused on одежда = clothes and was based on the handouts, which I had designed.

The handouts were slightly different for female and male students (see the Handout-1 and the Handout-2 correspondingly) because the type of clothes is never the same for both genders.

The clothes on the handouts was divided into six categories: 1) headdresses; 2) tanks, shirts and T-shirts; 3) outer clothing such as sweaters and jackets; 4) pants and skirts; 5) footwear; 6) accessories. Each item was provided with an inscription, which consisted of an adjective referring to the color of the item and a noun naming the item itself.

A small piece of paper with some additional information was enclosed to each handout. The word written on this attachment indicated the place where the person who had got it was supposed to go tonight. There were three variants in total: 1) университет = university; 2) театр = theatre; 3) ночной клуб = nightclub. Each student had got one of them. The students were not allowed to show this attachment to nobody, it was meant for their personal use only.

Each student was asked to pick up six items (one per each category) appropriate for the place (s)he was assigned to go tonight. Then the students had to compose a written list of the items they had chosen. They were supposed to use the expression У меня есть = I have, which was provided on the board. After that the students were divided into pairs. They had to ask each other Что у тебя есть? = what do you have? and answer to the same question in turn. As a last step of this activity, drawing on their partner's personal choice of clothes every student was supposed to make a guess about where her/his partner wanted to go tonight.

In the conclusion the students had to share their results (the list of clothes one had got from the partner and the place, where the partner was going to go) with the class.

The objectives I kept in mind designing this activity were the following: 1) repetition of the names of the colors, which our students learned on the previous week; 2) introducing some new vocabulary related to the topic 'clothes' (such as солнечные очки = sun glasses or галстук = tie); 3) reinforcing the grammatical feature of gender and number agreement for Russian nouns and adjectives; 4) practicing simple interrogative sentences and responding to questions.

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