Arthur Prochazka's Lab

Bionic Glove

The Bionic Glove, which is based on FES (Functional Electrical Stimulation). It is an electric device that allows a motion-impaired individual to grip an object. When worn by quadriplegics who still have some movement in their wrist, the Glove senses wrist movement, and electrically stimulates different muscles in the forearm, causing the paralyzed thumb and fingers to form a pinch grip.

The Glove powers three sets of muscles:

  • muscles which bring the fingers in (i.e. picking up a can of pop)
  • muscles which to open the hand
  • muscles which bring the thumb and the index finger together (i.e. holding a paintbrush)

Mr. Larry Seymour using the Bionic Glove to boost hand closing and opening.

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Mr. Larry Seymour doing lifting test, Bionic Glove OFF (avi, 1.6M)


Mr. Larry Seymour doing lifting test, Bionic Glove ON (avi 1.7M)