CORS Diploma Requirements

Lat updated 19 November 2013.

For the official requirements for the CORS diploma, see the CORS website.  This document explains how these requirements are implemented at the University of Alberta School of Business.  If you have any questions about the CORS Diploma, contact the UofA CORS Diploma coordinator, Armann Ingolfsson, PhD (  To apply for the CORS Diploma, send a transcript to Armann Ingolfsson.

Note: The CORS Diploma is not a degree program at the University of Alberta, or at any other university.  The following requirements only apply to students that are completing degrees (BComm, MBA, or PhD) at the University of Alberta School of Business.  Other Canadian universities have slightly different requirements, corresponding to the courses they offer.

List of requirements

Note: after each requirement, I have listed the UofA courses that satisfy the requirement.  When several courses are listed, any one of them satisfies the requirement.  Other courses may also satisfy the requirement (for example OM 488 or 495, or courses in MIS, Computing Science, Mathematics or Engineering), as determined by the CORS Diploma coordinator for individual cases.

Number of courses:

At least 7 of the courses mentioned below.  Certain courses in other departments in the School of Business or in other Faculties may count, to be determined on an individual basis by the Diploma Coordinator.

Minimum GPA

B+ on the courses that comprise the CORS Diploma program.

Operational Research (OR) techniques.

All of:

Three of:

Probability and Statistics

All of:

At least two of:

Computers and Systems

All of:

One of the following is strongly encouraged:

Functional Applications of Operational Research

At least 4 "points."  The following courses and experiences provide points.  Other courses and experiences may be used to substitute, as determined on an individual basis by the CORS Diploma coordinator.