Travel Information
  • There are a lot of activities during the summer time in Edmonton. Please be aware that during the week of the AHAMC 2011 conference, there are two big events in Edmonton:
    1. Indy 2011, July 22-24, 2011
    2. Capital EX 2011, July 22-31, 2011
    There is also another mathematics conference on differential equations at the University of Alberta during the same week as AHAMC 2011. A lot of people will come to the city of Edmonton during the week of July 24-31, 2011. For a smooth trip to participate in AHAMC 2011 and for good deal of your air ticket and hotel room reservation, booking your air ticket and a hotel room early is strongly suggested/advised. If you prefer, you may send an email to our travel agent to check for both air ticket and/or hotel rooms:
    Citizen Travel by email with Reference Code: AHAMC

  • The airport to reach Edmonton, Canada is Edmonton International Airport (YEG)

  • Between Edmonton International Airport and University of Alberta or downtow area,
    the most conventient way is to take Edmonton skyshuttle (for reservation/schedules/rates/pick-up locations). Round-trip fare: $30; One-way fare $18. There is a skyshuttle booth right at the arrival level of the airport.
    1. If you go to Campus Tower Suite Hotel (11145-87 Ave., Edmonton, AB T6G 0Y1, Phone: 780-431-4558, Fax: 780-433-4410), or the University of Alberta, take the shyshuttle for University Direction and there is a skyshuttle stop right before the Campus Tower Suite Hotel. If you go to Lister Hall Guest Service or leave there to the airport, you should inform skyshuttle and the driver that you are heading to/leaving Lister Hall at the University of Alberta so that drop-off and pick-up at Lister Hall can be made (no extra charge). Lister Hall is approximately 7 to 10 minutes from Campus Tower Suite Hotel.
    2. If you go to Edmonton downtown area (such as Alberta Place Suite Hotel), take the skyshuttle Downtown Direction and tell the skyshuttle/driver that your hotel is Alberta Place Suite Hotel.

  • Taxi is also another convenient way from the airport to your hotel. For reservation or phone numbers of taxi services from several companies, please check Edmonton taxi Service Group for detail.

  • Depending on the traffic, taxi may take approximately 30 minutes to reach University of Alberta area, and 40 minutes to downtown area. For skyshuttle, add approximately extra 15~20 minutes. See the skyshuttle schedule for detailedskyshuttle schedule information. Edmonton International Airport is located outside the city of Edmonton.