International Conference on
Applied Harmonic Analysis and Multiscale Computing,
July 25-28 (Monday-Thursday), 2011,
University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada

Conference site: ETLE 1-003, 1-013, and 1-017 at Engineering Teaching and Learning Complex (ETLE) building at the University of Alberta.
Summer school site at ETLE 2-001 (also used as discussion room during the conference).
See campus map here for conference location.

This international conference concentrates on recent advances on applied and computational harmonic analysis, multiscale-based methods, and their various applications in the broad sense. The topics of interest include, but not limited to,

Applied harmonic analysis
Approximation theory
Compressive sampling and sparsity
Computational methods
Image and signal processing
Learning theory and algorithms
Multiscale-related numerical algorithms
Sampling theorems in signal processing
Subdivision schemes
Wavelets and framelets

The meeting will feature 1-hour plenary talks, 40-minute and 20-minute invited talks, and 20-minute contributed talks, as well as a poster session. We invite you to contribute a talk or a poster in any of the above area. The anticipated duration of contributed talks is 20 minutes. The total number of 20-minute contributed talks is limited. You have to submit an abstract before the deadline May 20, 2011. To be included in the scientific program of the conference, you need to register online and we must receive a payment from you by June 10, 2010. If you would like to attend the conference, but do not plan to give a presentation, we also encourage you to register so as to take advantage of a discounted registration fee.

Summer School: July 29-31 (Friday-Sunday), 2011

This summer school is right after the above conference. Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, and young researchers are welcome.

July 29: Learning theory by Steve Smale and Ding-Xuan Zhou
July 30: MRA based wavelet frame and applications by Zuowei Shen
Morning of July 31: Algorithms of wavelets and framelets by Bin Han

Check here for detailed information of the schedule and topics of the summer school

For graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who are attending the international conference and summer school, financial support is available to cover the local expenses (2 persons share a two-bed room ensuite hotel room). Limited fund for travel expenses is also available.
The summer school will be over at noon of July 31, 2011 and all participants are expected to departure in the afternoon of July 31.

Scientific Committee

Carl de Boor (University of Wisconsin - Madison)
Ronald DeVore (Texas A&M University)
Thomas J. R. Hughes (The University of Texas at Austin)
Stanley Osher (University of California at Los Angeles)
Gilbert Strang (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Plenary Speakers (1-hour talk)

John J. Benedetto (University of Maryland)
Charles K. Chui (Stanford University and University of Missouri at St. Louis)
Stanley Osher (University of California at Los Angeles)
Amos Ron (University of Wisconsin - Madison)
Zuowei Shen (National University of Singapore)
Steve Smale (University of California at Berkeley and City University of Hong Kong)
Gilbert Strang (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Ding-Xuan Zhou (City University of Hong Kong)

Invited Speakers (40-minute talk)

Michael Adams (University of Victoria)
Akram Adroubi (Vanderbilt University)
Amir Averbuch (Tel Aviv University)
Radu Balan (University of Maryland)
Gregory Beylkin (University of Colorado at Boulder)
Peter G. Binev (University of South Carolina)
Elena Braverman (Univerisity of Calgary)
Li-Qun Cao (the Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Di-Rong Chen (Beijing University of Aerpnautics and Astronautics)
Dao-Qing Dai (Sun yat-Sen University)
Feng Dai (Univerisity of Alberta)
Zeev Ditzian (University of Alberta)
Serge Dubuc (University of Montreal)
Jean-Pierre Gabardo (McMaster University)
Say Song Goh (National University of Singapore)
Russell Greiner (University of Alberta)
Bin Han (University of Alberta)
Douglas Hardin (Vanderbilt University)
Christopher E. Heil (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Kurt Jetter (University of Hohenheim)
Rong-Qing Jia (University of Alberta)
Qingtang Jiang (University of Missouri at St. Louis)
Palle Jorgensen (The University of Iowa)
Gitta Kutyniok (University of Osnabrueck)
Seng Luan Lee (National University of Singapore)
Song Li (Zhejiang University)
Qun Mo (Zhejiang University)
Igor Novikov (Voronezh State University)
Jorg Peters (University of Florida)
Gerlind Plonka-Hoch (University of Goettingen)
Ivan Selesnick (Polytechnic University)
Bernard Shizgal (University of British Columbia)
Maria A. Skopina (St. Petersburg State University)
Qiyu Sun (University of Central Florida)
Keith F. Taylor (Dalhousie University)
Jianzhong Wang (Sam Houston State University)
Yang Wang (Michigan State University)
Yau Shu Wong (University of Alberta)
Zongmin Wu (Fudan University)
Ozgur Yilmaz (University of British Columbia)
Thomas P-Y Yu (Drexel University)

Speakers of Invited and Contributed 20-minute Talk

Rasel Biswas (Memorial University)
Marcin Bownik (Univesity of Oregon)
Jostein Bratlie (Narvik University College)
Julia Dobrosotskaya (University of Maryland)
Mpfareleni Rejoyce Gavhi (University of Stellenbosch)
Kavita Goyal (Indian Institute of Technology)
Xin Guo (City University of Hong Kong)
Matthew Hamilton (University of Alberta)
Brock Hargreaves (University of Calgary)
Qaiser Jahan (Indian Statistical Institute)
David Jimenez (University of Houston)
Michael Joya (University of Alberta)
Md Kamrujjaman (University of Calgary)
Alexander Krivoshein (St. Petersburg State University)
Hassan Mansour (University of British Columbia)
Md. Khademul Islam Molla (University of Alberta)
Sharmin Nilufar (University of Alberta)
Rayan Saab (Duke University)
Dale Schuurmans (University of Alberta)
Kedarnath Senapati (Bhubaneswar, India)
Yi Shen (Zhejiang Sci-Tech University)
Lei Shi (City University of Hong Kong)
Laurent Simons (University of Liege)
Jinxin Zhang (Zhongshan University)
Wei Zhao (McMaster University)
Xiaosheng Zhuang (University of Osnabrueck)

Members of Collaborative Research Group (CRG) on Applied and Computtional Harmonic Analysis

Michael Adams (University of Victoria)
Len Bos (University of Calgary)
Elena Braverman (Univerisity of Calgary)
Tom Duchamp (University of Washington)
Bin Han (University of Alberta)
Felix J. Herrmann (University of British Columbia)
Rong-Qing Jia (University of Alberta)
Xiaobo Li (University of Alberta)
Peter D. Minev (University of Albeta)
Bernard Shizgal (University of British Columbia)
Yau Shu Wong (University of Alberta)
Ozgur Yilmaz (University of British Columbia)

Conference Organizers

Elena Braverman (Univerisity of Calgary)
Bin Han (University of Alberta)
Rong-Qing Jia (University of Alberta)
Yau Shu Wong (University of Alberta)
Ozgur Yilmaz (University of British Columbia)

Acknowledgment of Support

These two events are generously supported by

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Conference Web Page:

Contact: Bin Han and Xiaosheng Zhuang