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Fractal Stiffness

Most of our attempts to model nature start with that the assumption of continuous fields. However, another modeling attempt is to assume that the rough fragmented nature of our surrounding is the final result of a recursive function whose input is nothing but the output of the previous step.


In order to deal with the concept of fractals in the realm of structure mechanics, the stiffness matrix of a fractal-like structure has been investigated. Check the following references:

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Fractal Analysis of Bone

The Fractal Dimension of an object can be a measure of the space filling characteristic of a curve. By studying the edges of an object, the fractal dimension can be a measure of how complex the connectivity of such object is. We are currently working on trying to evaluate whether the fractal dimension is a good measure of the development of bone disease. In other words, can the fractal dimension of bone indicate bone loss?

This project is being conducted by Anthony NG.

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