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This project is in collaboration with Dr. Martin Bouliane(1), Dr. Rey Chaudhary(1), Lauren Beaupre(2) and Dr. Keith Bagnall(3). Dr. Tim Joseph(4) is also involved with the technical setting.


The videos posted here show the use of the Digital Image Correlation (DIC) technique by Correlated Solutions Inc to map the displacement field on the specimens during testing. In the shown videos, a generic synthetic bone with a mounted plate is being tested under bending.

 Video 1

 Video 2


The experimental projects are conducted with the help of the following students:

 Craig Mathison

 Mathew Reynolds



1) Orthopaedic Surgery Department, University of Alberta

2) Surgery, University of Alberta

3) Rehabilitation, University of Alberta

4) Mining, University of Alberta

Proximal Humerus Intermedullary Bone Peg and Plate Fixation

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