Courses and Seminars

We offer several advanced undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral courses in cognitive neuroscience topics. Prospective graduate students or postdoctoral affiliates are invited to explore opportunities with any of the members of the Alberta Cognitive Neuroscience community, as well as the course offerings in various departments and in the Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute.

Courses offered in 2016/2017

  • Psychology 275 Brain and Behaviour (Dr. Mathewson, Fall 2016)
  • Psychology 403/505 Computational Memory Models (Dr. Caplan, Winter 2017)
  • Psychology 403/505 Mathlab (Dr. Mathewson, Fall 2016)/ Consciousness (Dr. Mathewson, Winter 2017)
  • Psychology 403/505 Normal Aging, Coginitive Impairment, and Alzheimer's Disease (Dr. R. Dixon, Fall 2016)
  • Neuroscience 410/510 Neurobiology of Aging and Neurodegenerative Diseases (Coordinators: Dr. Satya Kar [Psychiatry] and Dr. Jack Jhamandas [Neurology], Winter 2017)
  • Psychiatry 511 Biological Aspects of Psychiatry  (Coordinator: Dr. Fujiwara, Winter 2017)
  • Psychology 576 Cognitive Neuroscience (Dr. Anthony Singhal, Winter 2017)


Selected Seminar Series

A new weekly (Thursdays) seminar series began in Fall 2016. It is organized by Kyle Mathewson (Psychology and ACN Member)


Two other neuroscience seminar series are of interest to many ACN members:

  • Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute: Weekly Seminars. See NMHI Website for information.
  • Centre for Prions and Protein Folding Diseases: CPPFD Thursday Seminars


Previously Offered Courses

  • Biomedical Engineering 510 Neuroimaging in Neuroscience (Dr. Malykhin)
  • Psychology 371 Neurobiology of Learning and Memory (Dr. Dickson)
  • Psychology 377 Human Neuropsychology  (Dr. Singhal)
  • Psychology 403/505 Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory (Dr. Caplan, Dr. Dickson, Dr. Singhal)
  • Psychology 423/622 Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience (Dr. Wiebe)
  • Psychology 574 Advanced Topics in Neuroscience  (Dr. Caplan)



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