Annual Conference of the Canadian Association for Information Science


7-10 June 1995
held at the School of Library and Information Studies
University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta

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Session 1: Interdisciplinarity in information science theory
"La modélisation de l'analyse documentaire: à la convergence de la sémiotique, de la psychologie cognitive et de l'intelligence artificielle" par Suzanne Bertrand-Gastaldy, Luc Giroux, Diane Lanteigne et Claire David, U de Montréal
"Taking information policy beyond information science: applying the Actor Network Theory" by Bernd Frohmann, SLIS, U of Western Ontario

Session 2: Interdisciplinary methodology
"Trends in the recent information needs and uses literature: a content analysis" by Heidi Julien, SLIS, U of Western Ontario
"Qualitative "versus" quantitative research: the wrong question" by Hope Olson, SLIS, U of Alberta

Session 3: Computer networking and information policy
"Characterization of free-nets in the United States and Canada: facing history and managing the future" by Timothy S. Chase, Ft. Thomas, Kentucky
"Decoding the CANARIE documents: an information policy analysis from a critical political economy viewpoint" by J. Stephen Downie, SLIS, U of Western Ontario

Session 4: Bibliographic naming
"Indexing as problem solving: a cognitive approach to consistency" by Claire David, Luc Giroux, Suzanne Bertrand-Gastaldy and Diane Lanteigne, U de Montréal

Session 5: Two sides of the Internet
"Internet book publishing -- a case study" by John C. Nash, Faculty of Admin, U of Ottawa, and Mary M. Nash, Nash Information Services
"Partnerships in the successful corporate Internet programme: the information professional's role" by Della Jacobson, Sherritt Inc.

Invited speaker
Clare Beghtol FIS, U of Toronto
"Within, among, between: three faces of interdisciplinarity"

Session 6: Organizational issues
"Changing attitudes toward information management: they just don't seem to get it" by Dale H. Bent, SLIS, U of Western Ontario
"The convergence of telecommunications and today's academic libraries" by Danielle Mihram, Reference Center, U of Southern California and G. Arthur Mihram, Princeton, N.J.
"Shared vision: learning partnerships for the information age" by Corinne Laverty and Martin Schiralli, Queen's University

Session 7: Interdisciplinary praxis
"Connecting historic preservationists: A proposed partnership based on the ERIC model" by Martha V. Henderson and Ada D. Jarred, State U of Louisiana
"Interdisciplinarity in multimedia development: observations of the Information Media Design Group at Rutgers University" (MS Word 6.0 file) by Silvia Muller and David John Petroski, Rutgers; Bill Crosbie, Brookdale Community College

Session 8: The bibliographic interface
"The MUSIFIND music information retrieval project, phase III: Evaluation of indexing options" by J. Stephen Downie, SLIS, U of Western Ontario

Session 9: Information Retrieval
"An evaluation methodology for clinical vocabularies and evaluation of the Read Codes" by Lorraine Toews, SLIS, U of Alberta
"The effect of query characteristics on retrieval results in the TREC retrieval tests" by Michael J. Nelson, SLIS, U of Western Ontario
"Search intermediary elicitations during mediated online searching" by Amanda Spink, Abby Goodrum and David Robins, SLIS, U of North Texas

Session 10: User-oriented technology
"Opening new worlds of information: library technology and Internet access for patrons with disabilities" by Courtney Deines-Jones, Centroplex Library, Baton Rouge, LA
"The design of systems for learning and working in librarianship" by Alexander Birchall and Roy Rada, Dept of Computer Science, Liverpool U

Invited speaker
Douglas Foskett, O.B.E., Director, Central Library Services, U of London (retired)
"Librarians and information systems: a fruitful partnership"

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The Web documents that are accessible from this page were derived from the files used to produce the printed proceedings for the conference. The HTML conversion was done by running WordPerfect files through the macro WPTOHTML, written by Hunter Monroe. The tables and figures were scanned and converted to GIF files. A few of these files are quite large, so the file sizes are given in parentheses (e.g., (34K)) as part of the link text for each GIF in the Web versions of the papers.

The papers cited above that do not have Web links are not yet available in HTML form. All the papers (including those not available in HTML) are in the printed proceedings from the conference. Copies of the proceedings may be purchased by sending a cheque for $40 ($45 outside North America) to the School of Library and Information Studies, 3-20 Rutherford South, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6G 2J4. The cheque should be made payable to the School of Library and Information Studies.

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