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  • Modelling Valve Stiction

M.A.A.S. Choudhary, N. Thornhill and S.L. Shah
To be published in Control Engineering Practice, 2004
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  • Diagnosis of poor Control loop Performance using Higher Order Statistics

M.A.A.S. Choudhary, S.L. Shah and N. Thornhill
To be published in Automatica, 2003
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  • Multi-loop Decentralized PID Control based on Covariance Control Criteria

Xin Huang and B. Huang
To be published in ISA Transactions, 2003
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  • Performance Evaluation of two Industrial MPC Controllers

J. Gao, R. Patwardhan, Y. Hashimoto, G. Emoto, S.L. Shah and B. Huang
To be published in Control Engineering Practice (Special Issue of Prize winning application papers), 2003
Full Paper.pdf

  • Block Relative Gain: Properties and Pairing Rules

V. Kariwala, J.F. Forbes and E.S. Meadows
Industrial Engineering & Chemistry Research, v. 42, 20, pp. 4564-4574, 2003
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  • Robust performance Assessment of Feedback Control Systems

Sheng Wan and B. Huang
Automatica, 2002
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  • Structured Approach to Storage Allocation for improved Process Controllability

J. D. Kelly and J.F. Forbes
AIChE Journal, v. 44, 8, pp. 1832-1840, 1998
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  • Modeling and Control of Multivariable Processes : The Dynamic Projection to Latent Structures Approach

S. Lakshminarayanan, Sirish L. Shah and K. Nandakumar
AIChE Journal, Vol. 43, pp. 2307-2323, September 1997
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