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Welcome to the Adchem '97 Technical Program!

Over 100 high-quality technical papers plus four plenary addresses, one survey talk, a luncheon address, and six keynote talks will be given by a group of distinguished researchers and practitioners of process control.

IFAC ADCHEMí97, June 9-11, 1997, Banff, Canada

Final Technical Program


Plenary 1 Max Bell Auditorium

Chair: C. Georgakis (USA)

0755 Opening Ceremony

0800 Non-linear Black Box Models in System Identification

Lennart Ljung (Linköping University, Sweden)

0845 Discussant and Moderator:

John MacGregor (McMaster University, Canada)

0915 ~ Coffee Break ~

Session MA1 (0930 -1200) Max Bell Auditorium


Chairs: E. Kwok (Canada) and J. Rawlings (USA)

0930 Nonlinear Internal Model Control Using Local Model Networks

M.D. Brown, G. Lightbody, G.W. Irwin (Queen's University of Belfast, UK)

0955 A Methodology for Integrated System Identification and PID Controller Design

D.E. Rivera, S. Adusumilli (Arizona State University, USA)

1020 Application of the Frequency Sampling Filter Model in Process Identification: An Industrial Case Study

U.J. Patel, L. Wang, M. Foley and W. Cluett, (University of Toronto, Canada)

1045 Estimation of Model Order from Input-Output Data Applied to Radial Basis Function Network Identification

J.D. Bomberger and D.E. Seborg (University of California at Santa Barbara, USA)

1110 Closed-Loop Identification of State Space Models Using Subspace Techniques

H. Jha and C. Georgakis (Lehigh University, USA)

1135 Integrated Identification and Robust Control

B.L. Cooley and J.H. Lee, (Auburn University, USA)

Session MA2 (0930 - 1200) Max Bell 251

Process Monitoring I

Chairs: D. Dochain (Belgium) and J. Romagnoli (Australia)

0930 Industrial Fed-Batch Fermentation Monitoring

L. Gregersen, S.B. J¯rgensen and M.Y. Andersen

(Technical University of Denmark, Denmark)

0955 Monitoring of Multivariable Dynamic Processes and Sensor Auditing

A. Negiz and A. Cinar (Illinois Institute of Technology, USA)

1020 Optimal Reduced Rank Modeling, Prediction, Monitoring, and Control using Canonical Variate Analysis

Wallace E. Larimore (Adaptics, Inc., USA)

1045 Multivariate Process Monitoring: A New Use for the Biplot

R. Sparks, A. Adolphson and A. Phatak (CSIRO Division of Mathematical and Information Sciences, Australia)

1110 Multi-Block Predictive Monitoring of Continuous Processes

G. Chen and T.J. McAvoy (University of Maryland, USA)

1135 Development and Benchmarking of Multivariate Statistical Process Control Tools for a Semiconductor Etch Process: Improving Robustness Through Model Updating

N. Gallagher and B. Wise (Eigenvector Research Inc), S. Butler, D.A. White Jr. and G.G. Barna (Texas Instruments, USA)

Poster Session MP1 (1630-1800) Max Bell Lobby

On the Application of an Inferential Estimation Algorithm to a Lubricant Production Plant

A. Mitchell, M.J.Willis, A., T. Tham and S.S. Bitar (Newcastle University, UK)

Dynamic Modeling and Optimization of Micro-Hotplate Chemical Gas Sensors

T.A. Kunt , T.J. McAvoy, R.E. Cavicchi and S.Semancik

(University of Maryland, USA)

Design of Temperature Control System with Preview Action for Coke Oven Plant

S. Nunokawa, T. Itoh, O. Suenaga (Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation) and T. Katayama (Kyoto University, Japan)

Fuzzy Control of a Rotary Dryer

L.Yliniemi, J. Koskinen and K. Leiviska (University of Oulu, Finland)

Self-tuning PID Control of a Polybutene Process

K. Fujii, T. Yamamoto and M. Kaneda

(Okayama Prefectural University, Japan)

Identifiability and Identification of a Water treatment Denitrifying Biofilter Model

S. Bourrel, D. Dochain and J.P. Barbary

(U. Catholique de Louvain, Belgium)

Experimental Study of a New Thermal Contol Strategy for Batch Reactors

Z.Louleh, M.Cabassud, M.V.Le Lann and G.Casamatta (Ecole Nationale Superieure díIngenieurs de Genie, France)

Control Policy for the Startup, Semi-continuous and Continuous Operation of a Reactive Distillation Column

J.L. Baldon, J.J. Strifezza, M.S. Basualdo and C.A. Ruiz

(FCEIyA.UNR, Argentina )

Hybrid Neural Network-First Principles Models Applied to a Food Process

S. Albert and G.A. Montague (Newcastle University, UK)

Adaptive Predictive Control of Steam-reforming Plant using Bilinear Model

S.C. Oh and Y-K Yeo (Hanyang University, Korea)

Intersample Performance Improvement in Generalized Predictive Control

S. Masuda, A. Inoue, Y. Hirashima and R.M. Mille

(Okayama University, Japan)

Robust Stabilizing Control for Uncertain Time-delay Systems with Output Feedback

H. Su, J. Chu, J. Wang, S. Wang and L. Yu (Zhejiang University, China)

Keynote 1 Max Bell Auditorium

Chair: K.B. McAuley (Canada)

1930 Optimal Operation of Discontinuous Reactors--A Personal View

Dominique Bonvin (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland)

Keynote 2 Max Bell 251

Chair: W. Marquardt (Germany)

1930 Nonlinear Inferential Control for Process Applications

Francis Doyle III (Purdue University, USA)

Session ME1 (2030 - 2210) Max Bell Auditorium

Batch Processes

Chairs: J. McLellan (Canada) and E.S. Yoon (Korea)

2030 Optimization of a Batch Fermentation Process by Genetic Algorithms

B. AndrÈs-Toro, J.M. GirÛn-Sierra, J.A. LÛpez-Orozco and C. Fern·ndez-Conde (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain)

2055 Product Quality Control in Semi-batch Reactors Using Mid-course Correction Policies

Y. Yabuki and J. F. MacGregor (McMaster University, Canada)

2120 A Viable Cascade Controller Designed for a Batch Polymerization Process

G. Labinaz, M.M. Bayoumi and K. Rudie (Queen's University, Canada)

2145 Nonlinear Robust Control of a Batch Fermentation Reactor

B. Castillo-Toledo and J. L. Gutierrez (Unidad Gudalajara, Mexico)

Session ME2 (2030 - 2210) Max Bell 251


Chairs: D. Semino (Italy) and P. Daoutidis (USA)

2030 State Estimation of a Distributed Parameter Fixed-Bed Reactor with Oscillations

X. Hua, M. Mangold, A. Kienle and E.D. Gilles

(Universit‰t Stuttgart, Germany)

2055 State Estimation of a Continuous Solution Copolymerization Reactor

T. Lopez-Arenas, J. Alvarez, and S. Padilla

(Universidad AutÛnoma Metropolitana-Iztapalapa, MÈxico)

2120 Developing Inferential Estimation Algorithms Using Genetic Programming

M.J. Willis, H.G. Hiden and G.A. Montague (Newcastle University, UK)

2145 On the Use of Observability Measures for Sensor Location in Tubular Reactors

W. Waldraff and D. Dochain

(University Catholique de Louvain, Belgium)

Session ME3 (2030 - 2210) Max Bell 253

Applications I

Chairs: R. Gudi (India) and H. Unbehauen (Germany)

2030 Dynamics and Control of a Process with Recycle Streams

J.O. Trierweiler, B. Schulte and S. Engell (University of Dortmund, Germany)

2055 Constrained Model Predictive Control of a Solid-State Polymerization Process

S. Ramaganesan, K.W. Leffew and P.B. Deshpande

(University of Louisville, USA)

2120 Controlling pH in a Precipitation Process

K. St¯le-Hansen and B.A. Foss

(Norwegian Univ. of Science and Technology, Norway)

2145 Performance Evaluation of an On-Line Self-Learning Fuzzy Logic Controller Applied to Non-Linear Processes

S. Ghwanmeh, K.O. Jones and D. Williams (Yarmouk University, Jordan)


Plenary 2 Max Bell Auditorium

Chair: D.G. Fisher (University of Alberta, Canada)

0800 The Road to Advanced Process Control: from DDC to Real-Time Optimization and Beyond

Cliff Pedersen and T. Hoffman (Suncor Refinery, Canada)

0845 Discussant and Moderator:

Jim Rawlings (University of Wisconsin, USA)

0915 ~ Coffee Break ~

Panel Discussions and Survey Paper Max Bell Auditorium

Chair: Y. Arkun (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)

0930 Panel Discussion 1: Industrial Needs: Control, Computing and Communications

Chair and Moderator: Dale Seborg (USA), Panelists :Barry Cott (Canada), Y. Natori (Japan) and Grant Fisher (Canada)

1030 Future Needs for Control Theory in Industries - Report and Topics of the Control Technology Survey in Japanese Industry

H. Takatsu, T. Itou (Yokogawa Electric Corporatino) and M. Araki (Kyoto University) Japan

1130 Panel Discussion 2: Process Control Education for the Next Century

Chair and Moderator: Grant Fisher (University of Alberta, Canada), Panelists: Dominique Bonvin (Switzerland), Masahiro Ohshima (Japan), Bob Newell (Australia) and Dan Rivera (USA)

Banquet ñ Luncheon Talk Main Cafeteria

Chair: T. McAvoy (USA)

1230 How have we arrived at the present state of knowledge in process control? Is there a lesson to be learned?

Jens Balchen (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway)

Poster Session TP1 (1630-1800) Max Bell Lobby

Robust PID Controller Tuning for Input Disturbance Rejection

S. Ogawa (MacMillan Bloedel Limited ,Canada)

Evaluating the Performance of PID-type Feedback Control Loops using Normalized Settling Time

A.P. Swanda and D.E. Seborg

(University of California, Santa Barbara, USA)

Gross Error Detection Strategies When Constraints Are Bilinear

S.D. Kuiper, D.K. Rollins and V.C.P. Chen. (Iowa State University, USA)

Feedback and Feedforward Performance Analysis of the Shell Industrial Closed Loop Data Set

A. Vishnubhotla, S.L. Shah and B. Huang (University of Alberta, Canada)

On the Design of Batch Processes Using the Controllability Grammian

R G Cameron and C de Prada (University of Bradford, UK)

RBF Neural Networks and Its Application in Establishing Nonlinear

Self-tuning Model

L. Pan, X.Huang, J. Ma, and Y. Pan

(Beijing University of Chemical Technology, China)

Dead Time Detection by Wavelet Transform of Cross Spectrum Data

T. Tabaru and S. Shin (University of Tokyo, Japan)

Constrained Long Range Predictive Control: Exploiting Convexity

R. Patwardhan and B.Huang (University of Alberta, Canada)

Condition Monitoring of a Sensor Prone to Intermittent Failure

D.P. Searson and G.A. Montague (Newcastle University, UK)

Pattern Recognition Applications in Conducting Polymer Based Sensors

A.Talaie and J.A. Romagnoli (University of Sydney, Australia)

Robust Classification of ìArtificial Noseî Sensor Data by Artificial Neural Networks

Z.Boger, L. Ratton, T.A. Kunt, T.J. McAvoy, R.E. Cavicchi and S. Semancik (University of Maryland, USA)

Nonlinear Process Modelling using Dynamic Neuro-Fuzzy Networks

J. Zhang and A.J. Morris (Newcastle University, UK)

Object-Oriented Ferromanganese Furnace Model

S.O. Wasb¯, B.A. Foss and R. Tronstad

(Norwegian University of Science & Technology, Norway)

Keynote 3 Max Bell Auditorium

Chair: S.L. Shah (Canada)

1930 New Advances in Convex Optimization and Control Applications

Stephen Boyd (Stanford University, USA)

Keynote 4 Max Bell 251

Chair: F. Doyle (USA)

1930 Challenges in Control of Web Processes

Guy Dumont (University of British Columbia, Canada)

Session TE1 (2030 - 2210) Max Bell Auditorium

Applications II

Chairs: A. Cinar (USA) and H. Su (China)

2030 Model Adaptation for Predictive Control in a Continuous Steel Casting Line

R. De Keyser (University of Gent, Belgium)

2055 Multivariate Statistical Process Control Applied to an Industrial Production Facility

M. Weighell, E.B. Martin, M. Bachmann, A.J. Morris and J. Friend (Newcastle University, UK)

2120 NMPC Based Thermal Regulation of a Fed-Batch Chemical Reactor Incorporating Pararmeter Estimator

B. Ettedgui, M. Cabassud, M. Le Lann, N.L. Ricker and G. Casamatta (Ecole Nationale Superieure díIngenieurs de Genie Chimique, France)

2145 Non-linear Control of a High-purity Ethylene Glycol Reactive Distillation Column

A. Kumar and P. Daoutidis (University of Minnesota, USA)

Session TE2 (2030 - 2210) Max Bell 251

Pulp and Paper Process Control

Chairs: M. Perrier (Canada) and D. Rollins (USA)

2030 Headbox Control Using Model-Based Augmented PID Algorithm

E.K. Kwok, M.C. Ping, U.J. Zurcher and P. Li

(University of British Columbia, Canada)

2055 Measurement Selection for Model Predictive Control of the Wayerhaeuser Benchmark Digester Problem

P.A. Wisnewski, F. J. Doyle, F. Kayihan and Y. Arkun

(Purdue University, USA)

2120 Closed-Loop Analysis and Tuning of Cross-Direction (CD) Control for Sheet-Forming Processes

S.C. Chen, P. Tran and K. Kristinsson (ABB Industrial Systems, USA)

2145 Full CD Profile Control of Sheet Forming Processes Using Adaptive PCA and Reduced Order MPC Design

A. Rigopoulos, Y. Arkun and F. Kayihan (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)

Session TE3 (2030 - 2210) Max Bell 253

Adaptive Control

Chairs: W. Cluett (Canada) and M. Henson (USA)

2030 Direct Adaptive Control of Partially Known Nonlinear Systems

R.B. McLain, M. Misra, M.A. Henson and M. Pottmann

(Louisiana State University, USA)

2055 Simple Adaptive Control for MIMO Plants with Unmodelled Dynamics and Its Application to Processes with Higher Order Lag Elements

I. Mizumoto, T. Egashira and Z. Iwai (Kumamoto University, Japan)

2120 Discrete-Time Adaptive Compensator to Cancel State-Disturbances

Y. Hirashima, A. Inoue, S. Masuda (Okayama University, Japan)

2145 Semi-Adaptive Control of Convexly Parametrized Systems with Application to Temperature Regulation of Chemical Reactors

A. Fradkov, R. Ortega and G. Bastin

(UniversitÈ de Technologie de CompiËgne, France)


Plenary 3 Max Bell Auditorium

Chair: J. Lee (USA)

0800 A Review of Performance Assessment and Process Monitoring Techniques for Univariate and Multivariate Control

Thomas Harris and Chris Seppala (Queenís University, Canada)

0845 Discussant and Moderator:

Ali Cinar (Illinois Institute of Technology, USA)

0915 ~ Coffee Break ~

Session WA1 (0930 - 1200) Max Bell Auditorium

Controller and Process Monitoring

Chairs: D. Kozub (USA) and M. Ohshima (Japan)

0930 Practical Issues in Multivariable Feedback Control Performance Assessment

B. Huang and S.L. Shah (University of Alberta, Canada)

0955 Perspectives on Multivariate Feedforward/Feedback Controller Performance Measures for Process Diagnosis

Randy M. Miller and Biao Huang

(Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, Japan)

1020 FFT Based Performance Monitoring Procedure for SISO Control Systems

M-S. Chiu and J. Ju (National University of Singapore, Singapore)

1045 New Method for Classifying Process Trends Based on Fuzzy Triangular Representation and Hidden Markov Models

J.C. Wong, K.A. McDonald, A. Palazoglu and T. Wada

(Univ. of California at Davis, USA)

1110 Fault Diagnosis in Continuous Dynamic Processes using Speech Recognition Methods

A. Kassidas, J.F. MacGregor and P.A. Taylor

(McMaster University, Canada)

1135 Statistical Fault Detection for Automatically Controlled Processes

L. Manuell, V.B. BascuÒana and D.K. Rollins

(Iowa State University, USA)

Session WA2 (0930 - 1200) Max Bell 251

Model Predictive Control

Chairs: Z. Iwai (Japan) and J. Morris (UK)

0930 Design and Performance of Mid-Ranging Controllers

B.J. Allison, A.J. Isaksson

(Pulp & Paper Research Institute of Canada, Canada)

0955 A Quasi-Infinite Horizon Nonlinear Predictive Control Scheme for Stable Systems: Application to a CSTR

H. Chen and F. Allgˆwer (ETH, Switzerland)

1020 A Robust Model Predictive Control Algorithm for Stable Nonlinear Plants

T. A. Badgwell (Rice University, USA)

1045 A Dynamic PLS Framework for Constrained Model PredicitiveControl

S. Lakshminarayanan, R. Patwardhan, S.L. Shah and K. Nandakumar (University of Alberta, Canada)

1110 A Model Predictive Control with Multi-Objective Cost Function considering Stabilization and Linear Cost Optimization

Y. Iino and T. Shigemasa

(Toshiba Energy and Mechanical Research Labs, Japan)

1135 Analytical Solution of an Optimization Problem in Model Predictive Control

Y.P. Gupta (Technical University of Nova Scotia, Canada)

Poster Session WP1 (1630-1800) Max Bell Lobby

High-Order ARX Estimation and Its Application to Decentralized, Decoupled and Full Multivariable Control

K.S. Jun and D.E. Rivera (Arizona State University, USA)

Nonlinear Model Predictive Control with State and Parameter Estimation

D. Semino, R. Di Marco and A. Brambilla (University of Pisa, Italy)

Nonlinear Controller Design by Uncovering Linear Dynamics Hidden by Input-Output Linearization

S. Kolavennu, S. Palanki, and J. Cockburn, (Florida State University, USA)

An Algorithm for Optimal Nonlinear Batch Process Control with Model-Reality Differences and Unmatched Terminal Constraints

P.D. Roberts and V.M. Becerra, (City University, UK)

Process Monitoring using Canonical Variate and Principal Component Analysis

Y. Wang, D.E. Seborg and W.E. Larimore

(University of California, Santa Barbara, USA)

Application of the PLS Technique to the Estimation of Distillation Tower Top Composition

H. Fujii,S. Lakshminarayanan, and S.L. Shah

(University of Alberta, Canada)

Measurement of Dynamic Process Nonlinearity

M. Guay, P.J. McLellan and D.W. Bacon (Queenís University, Canada)

Unconstrained and Constrained Model Predictive Control Using Wiener Models: An Application to pH Neutralization

S.J. Norquay, A. Palazoglu and J.A. Romagnoli

(University of Sydney, Australia)

Model Predictive Control of Plant Transitions Using A New Identification Technique for Interpolating Nonlinear Models

A. Banerjee and Y. Arkun (Georgia Institute of Technology ,USA)

Adaptive Estimation of Nutrient Levels in Fed-Batch Fermentations Using Grey Box Growth Models

R. Gudi and M.R. Gray (Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India)

Multidimensional Nonorthogonal Multiscaling Wavenet for Dynamic Process Modeling

J.S. Zhao, B.Z. Chen, and J.Z. Shen (Tsinghua University, China)

Multiple Model-based Controller Design for Batch Reactors

A. Krishnan, K. Kosanovich and M.J. Piovoso

(University of South Carolina USA)

Keynote 5 Max Bell Auditorium

Chair: D. Bonvin (Switzerland)

1930 A Field Study of the Industrial Modelling Process

B.A. Foss (Norwegian University of Science & Technology, Norway), B. Lohmann and W. Marquadrt (Aachen University of Technology, Germany)

Keynote 6 Max Bell 251

Chair: A. Hrymak (Canada)

1930 Advances in Nonlinear Programming Concepts for Process Control

Larry Biegler (Carnegie Mellon University, USA)

Session WE1 (2030 - 2210) Max Bell Auditorium

Modelling and Simulation

Chairs: B. Foss (Norway) and B. Newell (Australia)

2030 Modeling, Simulation and Control Strategy for the Fuel Cell Process

S. Lee, I. Lee and E.S. Yoon (Seoul National University, Korea)

2055 Steady-State Multiplicity and Operability of an Industrial Ethylene

Cold-Box Separation Unit

F. Fluegel, P.J. McLellan and K.B. McAuley

(Queenís University, Canada)

2120 Modelling of a Gasoline Blending Process with Artificial Neural Networks

M.S. Schoellhorn and R.A. Lunderstaedt

(U. of German Armed Forces, Germany)

2145 Startup of Distillation Columns Using Nonlinear Wave Model Based Control

M. Han and S. Park (Ansung National University, Korea)

Session WE2 (2030 - 2210) Max Bell 251

Optimization-based Control

Chairs: J. Alvarez (Mexico) and F. Forbes (Canada)

2030 Optimization of Ion-Exchange Chromatographic Protein Separation

S.L. Rivera, E.J. Klein and C.M. Rudakewycz

(Stevens Institute of Tech., USA)

2055 Process Optimisation using Predictive Control: Application to a Simulated Chemical Reaction System

V.M. Becerra, P.D. Roberts and G.W. Griffiths (City University, UK)

2120 Optimization-Based Control with Imposed Feedback Structures

B. Srinivasan, E. Visser and D. Bonvin (EPFL-DGM, Switzerland)

2145 Sensitivity Analysis of A Real-Time Optimizer in Industrial Constrained Predictive Control

A. Ishikawa and H. Seki (Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation), M. Ohshima and M. Tanigaki (Kyoto University, Japan)

Session WE3 (2030 - 2210) Max Bell 253

Applications III

Chairs: T. Badgewell (USA) and H. Song (Korea)

2030 Data Reconciliation via Temporal and Spatial Redundancies

J. Chen and J.A. Romagnoli (University of Sydney, Australia)

2055 FCCU Reactor-Regenerator Advanced Control

M. Yang, R. Gang, S. Wang, H. Lan, Q. Chen and B. Keng (Zhejiang University, P.R. China)

2120 Extended Model Predictive Control Algorithm for Solving Servo and Regulator Problems and Its Application to a Reverberating Furnace

M. Kano, H. Ohno, S. Hasebe, I. Hashimoto, K. Kurihara and T. Sakamoto (Kyoto University, Japan)

2145 Approximation of High-Dimensional Multivariable Controllers using Semi-Definite Programming

A. Thake, J.F. Forbes and P.J. McLellan, (University of Alberta, Canada)

2215 Closing Ceremony Max Bell Auditorium