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Ultimedia Services Version 2 for AIX: Programmer's Guide and Reference

Programming with the UMSTuner Object

UMSTuner includes the following methods.

UMSTuner Methods

open Opens the device that contains the tuner.
close Closes the device that contains the tuner.
set_tuner_mode Allows the caller to select a cable or over-the-air broadcast if the specific tuner supports this feature.
select_channel Selects a channel (frequency) from the caller. Suitable for a pre-set interface.
get_current_channel Returns the current channel designator to the caller along with a status.
seek_to_next_avail_channel Seeks the next available channel. If supported, the locking strength is used as a criteria for whether a channel is tuned. The locking strength values are defined in specific subclasses. The seek can be up or down. The block flag, if supported, is used to return contol after a channel/station is tuned.
set_sap_mode Controls the secondary audio channel, if supported.
get_sap_mode Retrieves the SAP mode.
set_mute Mutes/unmutes the tuner.
get_mute Returns the mute state.
set_stereo_audio Sets the audio on the stereo or mono.
get_stereo_audio Returns the status of the stereo or mono.
set_video_format Sets the video format for the video tuner objects
get_video_format Returns the current video format, if defined.
set_timeout_value Sets the timeout value for use by specific implementations.
get_timeout_value Returns the set timeout value or the default.

For introductory information, see Programming with Tuner Objects.

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