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Ultimedia Services Version 2 for AIX: Programmer's Guide and Reference

Programming with UMSNegotiatorSink

The UMSNegotiatorSink class is an Ultimedia Services Version 2 feature and does not apply to Ultimedia Services Version 1.2.1.

UMSNegotiatorSink Methods

UMSNegotiatorSink includes the following methods:

set_input_decision Used to set and verify the category of decision to which the remaining methods refer.
get_input_choices_list Provides a list of acceptable choices for the decision.
set_input_choice Sets the choice for the decision.
get_input_choice Used to retrieve the choice set by set_input_choice.
get_input_specifics_object Allows for an additional interface with methods that can set further parameters of the data format.

For introductory information, see Programming with Negotiator Interfaces.

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