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Ultimedia Services Version 2 for AIX: Programmer's Guide and Reference

Chapter 15. Programming with Camera Control Objects

The camera control objects are an Ultimedia Services Version 2 feature and do not apply to Ultimedia Services Version 1.2.1.

The UMSCameraControl class provides an interface to a digital camera. The interface is sufficiently generic to accommodate many camera possibilities. This is done by accepting integer scale values that would be interpreted differently by different cameras. The UMSCameraControl class itself is a base class and is not meant to be instantiated.

It is intended that there is subclasses of the UMSCameraControl class to control specific cameras. UMS supplies a subclass UMSSSTCameraControl to control a specific CCD camera called the SST camera. This object's method implementations do range and error checking of the scale values. All methods are supported on this camera except for focus. There are further subclasses of this object for all hardware video cards that support this camera. Currently, UMS supplies a UMSS15vCameraControl and a UMSParallaxCameraControl object. Third parties who wish to support this camera can also sub-class UMSSSTCameraControl and implement their specific controls. The subclass would call the parent for error checking and if the settings are correct, send the command to the particular hardware interface and return to the caller.

To learn more about using UMSCameraControl, see:

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