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Ultimedia Services Version 2 for AIX: Programmer's Guide and Reference

Chapter 32. Multicast Sniffer Object

The Ultimedia Services programming interface is presented as a binary class library through System Object Model (SOM). This class library provides various objects that can be used to play, record, and edit media files. See "General Programming Information" for more general information.

The multicast sniffer object provides a way to list the multimedia streams that are available to a machine on the network. This object provides a service similar to the automatic channel programming on a TV or VCR, and similar to scan-to-the-next-station functionality on some radios. The Sender does not need to advertise that the media stream is available through another route. The Receiver does not need to contact the sender to see if a media stream is being sent.

To learn more about the UMSMulticastSniffer object, see:

                          This object provides methods that gather information about multicast streams that are available to the machine. The object will report only multicast addresses.

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