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Ultimedia Services Version 2 for AIX: Programmer's Guide and Reference

Chapter 30. Image Window and Negotiator Objects

The Ultimedia Services programming interface is presented as a binary class library through System Object Model (SOM). This class library provides various objects that can be used to play, record, and edit media files. See "General Programming Information" for more general information.

The UMSXWindow, UMSImageWindow, UMSNegotiatorSink and UMSNegotiatorSource objects are an Ultimedia Services Version 2 feature and do not apply to Ultimedia Services Version 1.2.1.

For more information about image window and negotiator objects, see:

                          The UMSXWindow object provides an interface to the X Windowing System.
                          The UMSImageWindow object provides a way to display images in a window in X.
UMSNegotiatorSink and UMSNegotiatorSource
                          The UMSNegotiatorSink and UMSNegotiatorSource classes define a consistent interface for negotiating a common data format between two objects.

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