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Ultimedia Services Version 2 for AIX: Programmer's Guide and Reference

Chapter 26. Audio Mix Objects

The Ultimedia Services programming interface is presented as a binary class library through System Object Model (SOM). This class library provides various objects that can be used to play, record, and edit media files. See "General Programming Information" for more general information.

The goal of a Mix object is to encapsulate all of the filters and other algorithms necessary to mix multiple audio streams. Different applications can require different levels of filter complexity and some can trade off performance for quality. Some applications want the mix to work like an analog mixer while others want to take advantage of the functionality available using a digital mixer. All of this can be accomplished by inheriting from the Mix base class and supplying a custom implementation.

For more information about audio mix objects, see:

                          The UMSMix object is a base class with most methods implemented. Specific mix implementations should inherit from the Mix base class. The standard Mix subclass provided is the UMSMixPCM16 object class.
                          The UMSMixPCM16 object is used to mix two streams. It inherits all of its methods and enumerated types from the base class, UMSMix.

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