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AIX Version 4.3 Commands Reference, Volume 3

mkdsmitd Command


Creates a new domain of machines for the Distributed System Management Interface Tool (DSMIT).


mkdsmitd [ -x ] [ -m Machine [ ,Machine ] ... ] [ -o OperatingSystem [ ,OperatingSystem ] ... ] [ -d Domain [ ,Domain ] ... ] DomainName

Note: Do not put a space between the comma and multiple values for the Machine, OperatingSystem, or Domain parameters.


The mkdsmitd command creates a new domain of machines with its member list in DSMIT. The Domain parameter specifies the name of the newly created domain. Domains must be homogeneous, consisting only of clients with the same operating system. Use the -d, -m, and -o criteria flags and the -x intersect flag to specify the machine member list.


-? Displays the usage statement.
-x Uses the intersection of the subsets of machines defined by the -d, -m, and -o criteria flags.
-d Domain Adds machines from another specified domain to this domain.
-m Machine Specifies the machines to add to a domain.
-o OperatingSystem Adds machines with a specified operating system to a domain.


  1. To create the empty Floor_1C domain, enter:
    mkdsmitd Floor_1C
  2. To create the Floor_1C domain with clients named Caesar and Cleopatra, enter:
    mkdsmitd -m Caesar,Cleopatra Floor_1C


/usr/share/DSMIT/domains Contains the list of domains used by DSMIT.
/usr/share/DSMIT/dsmitos Contains the list of operating systems of DSMIT clients.
/usr/share/DSMIT/hosts Contains the list of machines that have DSMIT installed on them.

Related Information

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