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AIX Version 4.3 Commands Reference, Volume 1

chvfs Command


Changes entries in the /etc/vfs file.


chvfs VFSEntry


The chvfs command changes /etc/vfs file entries by specifying the following fields within the VFSEntry parameter. The VFSEntry parameter is composed of the following: VFSName:VFSNumber:MountHelper:FileSystemHelper.

Any of the entries in the VFSEntry can be null, with the exception of the VFSName entry. If all of the arguments are satisfactory, the entry in the /etc/vfs file is changed.


VFSEntry A string in the following format: VFSName:VFSNumber:MountHelper:FileSystemHelper
VFSName Specifies the name of a virtual file system type.
VFSNumber Specifies the virtual file system type's internal number as known by the kernel.
MountHelper Specifies the name of the backend used to mount a file system of this type.
FileSystemHelper Specifies the name of the backend used by certain file system specific commands to perform operations on a file system of this type.


To change the FileSystemHelper for the vfs entry named newvfs, enter:

chvfs "newvfs:::/etc/helper/testhelper"

The missing parameters are left unchanged.


/etc/vfs Contains descriptions of virtual file system types.

Related Information

The crvfs command, lsvfs command, mount command, and rmvfs command.

The File Systems Overview for System Management in AIX Version 4.3 System Management Guide: Operating System and Devices explains file system types, management, structure, and maintenance.

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