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AIX Version 4.3 System User's Guide: Communications and Networks

How to Use the uustat Command to Cancel Remote Jobs



This procedure cancels a BNU process issued to a remote system.

  1. Determine the job ID number of the process, listed in the remote queue. On the command line of the local system, enter:
    uustat -a
    The -a option displays all jobs in the remote system's holding queue and the job requests of any other BNU users on the system.

    BNU responds with a message similar to:

    heraC3113   11/06-17:47  S hera   you   289 D.venus471afd8
    merlinC3119 11/06-17:49  S merlin jane  338 D.venus471bc0a
  2. Enter:
    uustat -k heraC3113
    The -k option cancels the heraC3113 job request.

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