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AIX Version 4.3 Glossary

Special Characters

2-1/2 dimension. A drafting term that describes limited associativity between orthogonal views; two dimensions with a perspective view that cannot be modified once created and that cannot be rotated. Allows for semi-automatic creation of isometric views.

3270 Device Emulation. Support that allows a local or remote device on one system to appear as a 3270 device to another system.

3270 Host Connection Program (HCON). A program that allows a system unit to emulate a workstation or printer attached to a System/370 host. See also session profile and HCONuser.

$HOME. An environment variable, set by the system, that designates a user's home directory. Many programs use this variable to designate a directory where they store temporary work files.

/usr file system. Contains files and programs necessary for operating the machine.

/tmp file system. A shared storage location for files.

/var file system. Contains files that are variable on a per-client basis, such as spool and mail files.

/ file system. The root file system; contains files that contain machine-specific configuration data.

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