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AIX Version 4.3 General Programming Concepts: Writing and Debugging Programs

List of Additional SRC Subroutines

Use the following subroutines to program communication with the SRC and the subsystems controlled by the SRC:

src_err_msg Returns message text for SRC errors encountered by SRC library routines.
(Also see threadsafe version src_err_msg_r)
srcsbuf Requests status from the subsystem in printable format.
(Also see threadsafe version srcsbuf_r)
srcsrqt Sends a message or request to the subsystem.
(Also see threadsafe version srcsrqt_r)
srcstat Requests short subsystem status.
(Also see threadsafe version srcstat_r)
srcstathdr Gets the title text for SRC status.
srcstattxt Gets the text representation for an SRC status code.
(Also see threadsafe version srcstattxt_r)
srcstop Requests termination of the subsystem.
srcstrt Requests the start of a subsystem.

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