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Respondus Tutorials

  • Introduction to Respondus
  • Adding formatting, images and equations to questions
    Learn how to use many of the formatting options available from the Respondus "Edit" menu.
  • Importing questions into Respondus
    Do you want to import questions from a word processor or test bank? This movie will overview the process.
  • Downloading a Publisher Test Bank
    College textbook publishers are starting to make test banks available in Respondus format. This movie demonstrates how instructors can download a publisher test bank if it is being distributed through the Respondus Test Bank Network.
  • The Respondus Exam Wizard
    Do you have a test bank or a set of questions that are already in Respondus format? The Respondus Exam Wizard (located on the "Start" menu) offers an easy way to create exams using questions from other files. This is a feature you won't want to miss.
  • Moving an exam from one course management system to another
    It's easy to move an exam from one course management system to another -- if you know the steps. Two versions of the movie are available, depending on the course management system you use.
  • Randomizing Exam Questions
    Learn the fast and easy way to randomize questions in your online exams. You'll also learn how to set up a question so it is randomly selected from a larger block of questions.

Respondus Log

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