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The ONEcard is the identification card for students and staff of the University of Alberta.

The information contained on the ONEcard identifies you by including your name and picture, identification number, a library barcode, and your current status on campus (ie. student or staff).

This official U of A identification card is required for:

  • Writing final exams
  • Access to campus facilities such as:
    • Recreation and fitness facilities
    • The Power Plant and Room At The Top (RATT)
    • The HUB Community Centre
  • Student Discounts
  • Locker Rentals
  • Obtaining transcripts
The ONEcard stays with you until you leave the University of Alberta whether you are a student or staff member.

The ONEcard gives you borrowing privileges from one of Canada's largest academic libraries. With that privilege comes access to almost five million volumes in the library's collections as well as access to numerous electronic databases to complete your research requirements.

The magnetic stripe on the back of the ONEcard contains an account number assigned exclusively to you. The number is used to debit money from your ONEcard account when making photocopies. To add money to your account, use the automatic deposit machines located accross campus, or deposit funds at the ONEcard office. Funds can be added at the ONEcard office using cash, interac (Visa, Mastercard, debit), cheque, or interdepartmental funds transfer (indent). Funds can be added at the ADM's with five, ten or twenty dollar bills.

Automatic deposit machines are located at the following locations:

  • Cameron Library
  • Rutherford Library
  • Coutts Library
  • H.M. Tory Atrium
  • Scott Library
  • Wier Law Library
  • Faculty Saint-Jean Bibliotheque

Swipe your ONEcard to gain access to several labs and facilities on campus.

Your ONEcard can be encoded as a door access card (arrangements to be made with the department /faculty that is granting door access).

Similar to the debit card funtion for photocopying, funds added to your ONEcard account can also be used for laser printing. Click here for printing instructions

ONEcard accessed laser printing is available at computer labs and libraries in the following buildings:

  • Cameron - Library and Computer lab
  • Education - Library, Computer labs in North and South
  • Faculte Saint Jean - Library and Computer lab
  • Law - Library and Computer labs
  • Rutherford - Library (North) and Computer labs (South)
  • Health Sciences - Library and Computer lab
  • Business - Winspear Library and Computer labs
  • Biological Sciences - Computer labs
  • Chemistry - Computer lab
  • Civil/Electrical Engineering - Computer labs
  • Clinical Sciences, including Corbette Hall
  • Dentistry and Pharmacy - Computer labs
  • Fine Arts - Computer Lab
  • General Services Building - Computer Labs
  • Industrial Design - Computer lab
  • Physical Education - Computer lab
  • Tory - Computer lab
  • Chemical/Mineral Engineering - Computer lab
  • Mechanical Engineering - Computer lab
  • University Extension Centre - Computer lab

New for Fall 2000 your ONEcard can be used at vending machines in selected locations. Look for ONEcard operated vending machines in the following locations:

  • Van Vliet Centre (Near the Equipment Room)
  • Central Academic Building (CAB)
  • Education Building (Near the cafeteria)
  • Cameron Library (Near the ONEcard Office)

Deposits made with cash, credit card or debit card can be used in these vending machines. Note: Interdepartmental deposits cannot be used at a vending machine.

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