Dr. David Mitlin

Dave Mitlin

Dr. David Mitlin is a Professor and GE Chair in Oil and Gas Systems at Clarkson University, jointly in the Departments of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.

Dr. Mitlin has has published over 120 peer-reviewed journal articles and has presented over 60 invited or keynote talks. He also holds 2 U.S. patents, is an Editor for Journal of Materials Science and serves on the Board of Review for Metallurgical and Materials Transactions. Prior to joining Clarkson in 2014, Dr. Mitlin was a Professor at the University of Alberta (2004 - 2014) and a Directors Funded Post Doctoral Fellow at Los Alamos (2000 - 2002). From 2000 to 2002, Dr. Mitlin worked as an Integration Engineer at the IBM Semiconductor Research and Development Center, in Hopewell Junction NY. He received a Doctorate in Materials Science from U.C. Berkeley in 2000. Dave's current electrochemistry - related interests span both renewables and conventional energy topics. He is currently focused on creation of new materials for sodium ion batteries, lithium ion batteries, electrochemical capacitors and for aggressive oil refining environments.

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Tyler Stephenson

PhD Materials Engineering, UofA
BSc Materials Engineering: Nano and functional materials, UofA

My research projects involve lithium ion batteries and the fouling of delayed coker heat exchangers. I like to snowboard in the winter and hike/bike/camp/fish/golf in the summer. I also like nanomaterials, sushi, and science experiments.

Graduate Students


Jesse Pokrzywinski

Graduate Student, Clarkson

Jesse Pokrzywinski is an unconventional graduate student at Clarkson University where he is completing his PhD in Chemistry after 20 years in the pharmaceutical and specialty chemical industries.  His primary field of study is high-performance materials for supercapacitors and batteries.  Jesse also has two daughters in college, one in his home state of Georgia and one in Tennessee.  Jesse is an avid duck hunter and can be found competing in any of the clay-target shotgun sports throughout the year.


Justin Lepore

Graduate Student, UofA
BSc Engineering Physics, UofA

Justin is currently pursuing his Masters, working on corrosion and fouling in the oil and gas industry. In his spare time he enjoys playing soccer, going to the gym, and drinking lots of coffee.

Undergraduate Students


Julia O'Sullivan

Undergraduate, Chemical Engineering, Clarkson

My name is Julia O'Sullivan and I am from Buffalo, NY. I am studying Chemical Engineering at Clarkson University and will graduate in May of 2017. In my free time I enjoy Irish dancing, hiking and kayaking.


Morgan Johnson

Undergraduate, Electrical Engineering, Clarkson

My name is Morgan Johnson and I am from Warner, New Hampshire. I am a freshman at Clarkson University in the Electrical Engineering department. I hope one day to be able to work in the field of renewable energy. In my free time I enjoy hiking, kayaking, and playing soccer.


Peter Mallery

Undergraduate, Chemical Engineering, Clarkson

My name is Peter Mallery. I am studying chemical engineering at Clarkson University and will graduate in 2018. At Clarkson I am a member of Outing Club and ski for the varsity Nordic team. In my free time I enjoy biking, hiking and white water kayaking.


Zury Cutler

High School Senior (Clarkson)

Zury Cutler is a rising high school senior at John Jay High School in Cross River New York. His scientific interests are pure mathematics, computer science, particle physics, quantum physics, Newtonian mechanics, general and special relativity, and electrochemistry. His hobbies include theatre, a Capella, karate, video production, and computer coding.


Ted Bergman

High School Senior (Clarkson)

Ted Bergman from destination unknown is an awesome high school senior. While not having any official hobbies or interests, Ted appears to be an elite runner judging from his photo.



Zhi Li

PhD in Applied Chemistry, Colorado School of Mines
MSc in Materials Science, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
BSc in Applied Chemistry, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Research interests: Nanomaterials for energy storage.

Currently working with Thomas Thundat at University of Alberta


Mike Hazelton

BSc Engineering Physics, University of Alberta

Currently at Sanjel


Jia Ding

MSc in Material Sciences, Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics(SIOM), Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS)
BSc in Material Science and Engineering, Huazhong University of Science & Techonology

Currently working with Stan Whittingham at Binghampton University


Xuehai Tan

PhD in Materials Engineering, University of Alberta.

Recently Graduated.


Alireza Kohandehghan

PhD in Materials Engineering, University of Alberta.

BSc and MSc in Materials Science & Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran.

Currently working for SGS.


Elmira Memarzadeh Lotfabad

PhD in Materials Engineering, University of Alberta.

M.Sc. Materials Science and Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran (2009)
B.Sc. Materials Engineering, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran (2007)

Currently working as a research scientist at Electrovaya.


Behdokht Farbod

PhD in Materials Engineering, University of Alberta.

MSc Materials Engineering, University of Tehran (2010)
BSc Materials Engineering, Sharif University of Technology (2007)

Currently a materials engineer at Enbridge.


Huanlei Wang

PhD in Materials Physica and Chemistry, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Acedamy of Sciences
BSc in Materials Science and Engineering, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan)

Currently working as a Professor at Ocean University of China.


Zhanwei Xu

PhD in Materials Science, Northwestern Polytechnical University
MSc in Chemistry, Northwest University
BSc in Chemical Engineering, Tsinghua University

My research interests lie in the areas of metal phthalocyanine and carbon based nano materials, and study their electrocatalytic performance in ORR, lithium battery, Li-ion battery and supercapacitors.

Beniamin Zahiri

PhD in Materials Engineering, University of Alberta.

Currently working as a staff engineer at the Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation.


Peter Kalisvaart

PhD Energy Materials & Devices, Eindhoven U. of Tech. (2008)
MSc Chemical Engineering, Eindhoven U. of Tech. (2003)
BSc Chemical Engineering, Eindhoven U. of Tech. (2001)

Currently working at the University of British Columbia with Dr. Walter Mérida

I was born and raised in the "land below the sea" (Netherlands). After 18 years of hard work on my parents' farm in the polders of Zeeuws Vlaanderen (and getting myself through highschool in my spare time) I moved to Eindhoven to study Chemical Engineering in 1998. I obtained my PhD in 2008 after 4 years under the gentle tutelage of Dr. Peter HL Notten. My work concentrated on Mg-based alloys for electrochemical hydrogen storage. During those 4 years I mostly honed my experimental skills in materials synthesis, both by casting and ball-milling, and electrochemistry. Collaborations with the solid state NMR group in Eindhoven and neutron diffraction together with the CNRS in France managed to add a few more pages to my PhD Thesis. After visiting an ECS conference in Quebec City (2005) and an ISE meeting in Banff (2007) I decided that Canada would be a very good place to spend part of my life and here I am!

Other skills and hobbies besides work include playing chess, biking, korfball, and roof thatching. Although the latter is performed without safety ropes and nets, I must say I vastly prefer it to rock-climbing, which the rest of our group seems to like so much...  Link to my CV


Chris Holt

BSc, University of Alberta, Engineering Physics
PhD, University of Alberta, Materials Engineering

Currently the president of Phase Sensors

I am currently a PhD student working on the development of micro sensors for oil well production logging. I want to see the cool technology developed in our lab make it into the real world and my project is to do just that. I have extensive industry experience, having developed tools for four different oil well service companies as well as starting my own service company in 2004. My skills include microfabrication, electronic circuit design, programming firmware, and programming software. If I have spare time one can find me waterskiing, wakeboarding, kiteboarding (snow/water), snowskiing, snowboarding, mountainbiking, or climbing mountains. Chris's Website


Brian Olsen

MSc in Materials Engineering, University of Alberta
BSc in Engineering Physics, University of Alberta

Currently working in Jillian Buriak's Group. I also still maintain this site and make scientific software. Try my TEM Diffraction Ring Profiler.


Cecil King’ondu

Ph.D. in Chemistry, University of Connecticut
BSc in Industrial Chemistry, University of Nairobi

Currently working nanomaterials for sustainable energy at the Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology


Yang Xu

PhD in Chemistry, University of Science and Technology of China (2011)
Postdoc in Physical Chemistry, Boston College (2011-2012)

My research project involves ultra-fine film growth using ALD technology for electrochemical applications, including lithium ion batteries and supercapacitors. Tennis and coffee are my two favourites, and I also enjoy interesting sciences, good movies and music.


Zheng-Zhi Jiang

PhD in Electrochemistry, Harbin Institute of Technology

Currently working on nanomaterials for ORR, Li batteries and supercapacitors.


Ramin Zahiri

BSc in Materials Science & Engineering, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran
MSc in Materials Engineering, University of Alberta

Currently working at Black Cat Blades as a Materials Researcher.


Babak Shalchi

BSc in Materials Science, Ferdowsi University of Mashad, Iran
MSc in Materials Science, Sharif University of Techonoly, Iran
PhD in Materials Engineering, University of Alberta

Babak is currently a research scientist at CANMET Materials

Richard Hull

CEng CPhys MInstP MIoN
BSc Physics Aston University, UK

Chartered Engineer www.engc.org.uk
Chartered Physicist www.iop.org
Member of the Institute of Nanotechnology (UK) www.nano.org.uk


Li Zhang

Currently an Associate Professor at the School of Energy (SOE), Soochow University, Jiangsu, China.


Alan Kubis

PhD University of Virginia, Materials Science and Engineering
MSc University of Pittsburgh, Chemistry
BSc SUNY at Buffalo, Chemistry

Born and raised in central New York with ten years experience as an Analytical Mass Spectrometrist. Most of my life has been in the North Eastern USA. Dissertation entailed investigation semicondutor and metallic systems using FIB and electron microscopy. Personal interests included being a lousy golfer, a fairly good cook and photography of everything but myself.


Erik Luber

PhD in Materials Engineering, University of Alberta
BSc in Engineering Physics, University of Alberta

Currently working as a postdoctoral fellow with Jillian Buriak on developing third generation photovoltaic technology. Link to my CV

Mohsen Danaie

BSc and MSc in Materials Science & Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran
PhD in Materials Engineering, University of Alberta

Currently working at the Canadian Center for Electron Microscopy (CCEM) as a post doctoral fellow.


Wang Huatao

PhD Materials Science and Eng. Tsinghua U. of China (2008)

Currently work for Harbin Institute of Technology at Weihai as an assosciate professor in the school of materials science and engineering. Current research interest include 1) the synthesis and electrochemical application of nanomaterials 2) electronic packaging.


Colin Ophus

Received PhD in Materials Engineering in Spring 2010.

Currently employed as a Staff Scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab in Berkeley California. Also working with Mark Asta at UC Berkeley.


Chris Harrower

PhD Electrical Engineering, University of Alberta

Currently working as a Thin Film Process Engineer at Nanowave Technologies


Julian Haagsma

MSc in Materials Engineering, University of Alberta
BSc in Engineering Physics, University of Alberta

Currently the Head of Product Development at Phase Sensors


Sean Murphy

Graduated with MSc in Materials Engineering. Currently working as an R & D Engineer for Sage Electrochromics.


Jian Chen

Jian Chen is Currently a Staff Microscopist at NINT NRC.


Reza Mohammadi

Received PhD in materials engineering.

Currently an Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Honourary Members


Timo Ewalds

A benevolent programming sage, traveling the world to share his mastery of pointers and stacks.

Currently a Software Engineer at Google


Nemanja Danilovic

Received PhD in Materials Engineering.

Currently working at Argonne National Lab as a Post Doctoral Fellow.