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We are a research group jointly in the Departments of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering and Mechanical Engineering at Clarkson University.

We are always looking for dedicated and self-motivated graduate students. If you are interested please submit your CV here. Inquiries about our group or research are welcome as well.

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Moved to Clarkson University

Clarkson University

We are happy to announce a new home for the Mitlin Research Group at Clarkson University

The website has also moved to: http://www.mitlingroup.com. Expect to see new updates there.

The group is still functioning at the University of Alberta at this time as graduate students finishing up degrees and colaborations continue, but expect to research ramp up at Clarkson soon

New Alta Supercaps Website

Alta Supercaps

We are happy to announce a new home for the recently formed Alta Supercaps spin-off at www.altasupercaps.com

Alta Supercaps was founded to make industry leading energy storage devices available to customers who want to see what future energy storage systems can accomplish in their current applications.

The company is currently focusing on small scale device applications such remote sensing using button cell devices, but large scale and high temperature packages are in the near future.

Huanlei Wang's Paper Accepted in ACS Nano

Hemp TOC

Huanlei's paper, Interconnected Carbon Nanosheets Derived from Hemp for Ultrafast Supercapacitors with High Energy, has been accepted by ACS Nano for publication.

This research involved the synthesis and electrochemical testing of a unique carbon sheet nanostructure for applications in supercapacitors. The electrical performance of this nanostructure shows great promise for the use of supercapacitors in energy applications. Congratulations to everyone who helped on this project.

See the paper here: doi:10.1021/nn400731g

Elmira Memarzadeh Awarded Alberta Innovates Graduate Student Scholarship

Congratulations Elmira! From amongst strong competition, Elmira has been selected to receive an Alberta Innovates Graduate Student Scholarship. This prestigious scholarship is awarded through a provincial competition to outstanding students pursuing master's or doctoral studies.

Chris Holt Forms Spin-off Company, Phase Sensors

Phase Sensors

Chris Holt, a recent PhD graduate from the Mitlin Research Group, has formed a new start up company Phase Sensors. His company plans to commercialize the sensor platform he developed during his PhD research. These sensors are able to detect the build up of foulent, a difficult to remove waste product, that occurs at various stages in the oil refining process.

Phase Sensors won over $100,000 in funding from various business plan competitions including $75,000 from the NanoBridge MNTorship, $12,000 from AVCatalyst and $7,500 from the VenturePrize Business Plan Competition hosted by TEC Edmonton. The formation of this startup highlights the success of scientific funding in Alberta in creating new economic growth through technological advancement from scientific research.

Visit the company website at: www.phasesensors.com

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