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Memorial Organ

After twenty-three years of use, the University Memorial Organ in Convocation Hall is being thoroughly cleaned and reconditioned. At the same time the opportunity is being taken to add to its tonal resources. The Great Organ in the right-hand gallery is being enlarged. This calls for the removal of the Choir Organ, now occupying part of that space, and it will be placed on a new, high platform above the rear gallery over the entrance. Since the stops in this organ are mostly of a quiet nature, it might be considered a kind of Echo Organ. The Pedal Organ will be strengthened and the Swell Organ in the left-hand gallery will be improved by the addition of a four foot "Principal" stop. The New Choir Organ case will be in the some general style as that of the present organs and Mr. Cecil Burgess, who designed the original cases, has also made a handsome piece of work of the new one.

Professor Nichols, Organist to the University, Professor Reymes-King of the Fine Arts Department, and Mr. Stewart Kennedy of Calgary are responsible for the general tonal plan and specifications of the new stops.

The existing organ and additions, including the cases, are the work of the well-known Canadian firm, Messrs. Casavant Brothers of St. Hyacinthe, Quebec. The task of reconstruction is in the capable hands of Pepin and Sons, Edmonton.

An inaugural recital will he given by the University organist at a date to be announced in the autumn.

Published October 1947.

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