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The U of A's New Chancellor

The Honourable Alexander Cameron Rutherford founder of the University of Alberta has now been made its chancellor. In electing Dr. Rutherford to this office, Convocation shows its appreciation of the many and signal services which he has done the University both before its opening and since.

A.C. Rutherford was born in Osgood, Carlton County Ontario, on February 2, 1857. He graduated in Arts from McGill University in 1881, receiving the degree of B.C.L. in the same year. The honorary degree of Doctor of Laws was conferred on him by the University of Toronto in 1907, by the University of Alberta in 1907, and by McMaster University in 1908. He is also a King's Counsel.

After practising law at Ottawa, he came west to Strathcona in 1895, and represented that constituency in the legislature of the North West Territories from 1902 until 1905. During this period he was Deputy Speaker of the house. On the formation of the province of Alberta in 1905 he was elected to the new legislature and chose to form the first ministry. In addition to the premiership, Dr. Rutherford held the portfolios of Minister of Education and Provincial Treasurer until his retirement from active politics in 1910.

At the very first session of the legislature of Alberta, Dr. Rutherford's ministry provided the machinery for the creation of a provincial university and in 1908 the university was opened in accordance with the earlier act. In 1910 the formal organization of the University was completed with the passing of a comprehensive measure to provide for a Board of Governors and a Senate.

In addition to his purely official duties as Premier and Minister of Education, Dr. Rutherford worked enthusiastically for the building of a strong university based on the firmest of business and educational foundations. Dr. Rutherford had brought Dr. Tory to Alberta in 1907 to be president of the University, and on May 9, 1909, Dr. Rutherford and Dr. Tory turned the first sod for the erection of the University's buildings. This ceremony is annually recalled when on Founder's Day, its anniversary, Dr. Rutherford is host to the graduating class of the University. Absence in the east prevented Dr. Rutherford this year from being present at that function for the first time since its inception seventeen years ago.

Dr. Rutherford presented one of the first three scholarships given in the University, and has donated a gold medal annually since 1912 for the highest standing of a senior student reading for honours in the Department of English. He was an ex officio member of the Senate of the University until it's re-organization in 1910. At the first election for the new senate in 1911, he was returned to that position, and at each subsequent election has been re-elected. On May 21 of this year he was raised to the position of Chancellor of the University, which post, it is hoped, he will consent to fill for many years.

Published May 1927.

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