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New Vice-President (Academic) Chosen

J. Peter Meekison, currently deputy minister of Alberta Federal and Intergovernmental Affairs (FIGA), has been named vice-president (academic) of the University of Alberta for a five-year term commencing July 1, 1984.

Dr. Meekison, currently on full-time leave from the University's department of political science, is certainly aware of the magnitude of the duties his new position will entail and of the complexity of the issues now before the University. Prior to accepting a series of appointments with the Government of Alberta, Dr. Meekison served the University in various capacities, including chairman of the department of political science, associate dean of the faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, and chairman of the University Library committee.

In his government service, Dr. Meekison has been engaged in a wide variety of activities that have touched on the constitution of Canada, the country's viability, and its integrity as a unified nation. As deputy minister of FIGA he was involved in such matters as relationships between the provincial and federal governments, participation in numerous national and international conferences and congresses, preparation of provincial responses to the Macdonald Royal Commission, Senate reform, and to other matters with wide implications.

During Dr. Meekison's leave from the University, he has maintained numerous contacts with the academic institution. He has taught undergraduate students, supervised doctoral and master of arts students and has engaged fully in the life of the institution. A scholar with many publications, invited lectures, and addresses to his name, he has earned a high reputation in the academic community.

Dr. Meekison is a graduate of Duke University, the University of Western Ontario, and the University of British Columbia. He is married with two teen-aged children.

The vice-president (academic) has a major influence in many of the decisions that are made for the University regarding academic content, courses, quotas, and so on. One of Dr. Meekison's major responsibilities in his new position will be to head the effort being made in strategic planning for the future of the University.

Published Spring 1984.

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