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St. Joseph’s Catholic College

The first sod in the construction of the new Roman Catholic College was turned on May 14, immediately following Convocation. Work is proceeding apace on the excavation, and it is expected that the shell of the building will be up by fall, and that the building will be ready for occupation by September, 1927.

St. Joseph's College will be affiliated with the University. Its main purpose will be to provide a residence for Roman Catholic students who are in attendance at the University. These students will attend the regular University lectures, with the exception of one or two special departments which will be conducted by the college authorities themselves. The Reverend Brother Rogation has been appointed Rector of the college.

The new college is being erected across the road from the Medical Building, in the angle formed by 89th Avenue with the lane leading to the University farm, and a short distance behind the United Theological Seminary (A.C.) It is to cost $200,000. It will be 210 feet in frontage, with two wings, one of 114 feet and another 97 feet, both extending south. It will be built of tapestry brick with Tyndal stone facings, and will contain five lecture rooms, a dining hall to accommodate 250 persons, a chapel in the gothic style, a gymnasium, shower bath, billiard and recreation rooms, several suites and private rooms for a hundred students. The new college was made possible by public subscription and the help of the Carnegie Foundation.

Published November 1926.

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