Training Opportunities

White matter tracts visualized using Diffusion Tensor Imaging

The lab is developing and applying advanced MRI techniques to further our understanding of neurodegeneration in ALS. The lab uses several MRI techniques to study different aspects of brain degeneration, including diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS), functional MRI (fMRI), and quantitative structural imaging. The lab is also interested in understanding the biological and clinical relevance of cognitive and behavioural impairment in ALS, which occurs in a proportion of patients with ALS due to concurrent frontotemporal degeneration.

We are currently seeking postdoctoral fellows and students wishing to pursue graduate level degrees in Neuroscience, Computing Science, and Biomedical Engineering. Interested applicants should forward materials by e-mail.

Please forward CV and transcripts to:
Dr. Sanjay Kalra
Department of Medicine (Neurology)
sanjay.kalra [at]